Transfer on Death Deed (TODD)

A Minnesota law became effective on August 1, 2008 – which allows a person to transfer property upon their death by filing a Transfer on Death Deed (TODD). Although this has been around for a while now, it hasn’t been used very often. Because of this it is not very...

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Plat Drawings – What to Expect

For those who have been around real estate for a while, the term “plat drawing” is a common one for us to use.  However, for a customer who is selling or re-financing a piece of property it might not be so familiar.  We encountered a refinance situation recently where...

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Mortgage Rates Climb a Bit in 2015

We thought this article was interesting. Although it means mortgage rates will climb, it also means there are more jobs to be had.

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Lost Your Abstract?

We frequently have customers who can't find their abstract and wonder what they can do.  When going to sell a property, you need to have title evidence to come forward from - which usually means that we need to locate the abstract (if there is one).  Here are a few...

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Neutral Party

Title Tip - Neutral Party In the closing process, it's important to understand that the closing company is a "neutral party" in any transaction.  Our responsibility is to make sure that the written agreement (generally a purchase agreement) between the buyers and...

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Marital Status

Title Tip - Marital Interest There are a couple of areas of Marital Status that we encounter frequent confusion over.  Be aware of the following when dealing with your customers. Often we will see a property that has been deeded to one person - and that person is...

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Fraud – An Ongoing Problem – Title Tip

Title Tip - FRAUD - an ongoing problem FRAUD is something we have always had to deal with, but it is a continually moving target.  It seems like "the bad guys" are always creating new ways to cheat someone out of their money - and it is a lot of work trying to keep up...

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Contract for Deed – Title Tip

Title Tip - Contract for Deed When conventional financing is not an option, buyers and sellers often use a Contract for Deed sale as an alternative.  Although the concept of a Contract for Deed is fairly well understood, it is important that the buyers and sellers...

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The Value of a Land Survey – Title Tip

Title Tip - The Value of a Survey Title insurance is used to insure (or guarantee) that you have clear title or good title to your property.  Whether your description is "Lot 7, Block 2, Pine Tree acres" or something that looks more complicated such as "That part of...

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Home Closing 101 – Title Tip

Title Tip - Home Closing 101 There is a great resource out there regarding the closing process that you should be aware of.  It covers much of the information that a typical buyer or seller might wonder about.  And, like just about everything else these days, it's...

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Life Estate – Title Tip

Title Tip - Life Estate - Some Areas To Watch For A life estate is simple in concept – yet there are some areas where you can be “surprised”.  And most of the surprises we have seen are not particularly happy ones. The common use of the life estate is as follows:  an...

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Subdivision Plats and Parcel Splits – Title Tip

Title Tip – Subdivision Plats and Parcel Splits Crow Wing County announces some deadline changes - Subdivision Plats and Parcel Splits Last year (2010) Crow Wing County had announced some new deadlines for recording subdivision plats and parcel splits.  Based on the...

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1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges – Title Tip

Title Tip - IRS Section 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges - Still a useful strategy! In the "Old Days" (back when the real estate industry was continually going up) people were making good use of the Section 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges to shelter their capital gain on the...

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Spouse Must Sign on the Mortgage – Title Tips

Title Tip - Spouse MUST sign on mortgage All fee owners of a property must sign on a mortgage - whether for a purchase or for a refinance.  This is fairly clear and something most people are comfortable with. However, we often encounter situations where a piece of...

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Witness Closing – Title Tip

Title Tip – Witness Closing The use of a Witness Closing (or signing/ notary service) has become much more common in recent years.  It is often used where buyers and sellers live long distances away from each other, and one party or another (or both) uses a Witness...

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First Lien Position (Priority) – Title Tip

Title Tip – Priority For any mortgage filed on real property, it is important to establish that the loan is in "first lien position".  Lenders demand and expect this.  Title Insurance insures this for a new loan - unless there is an existing mortgage that is expected...

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Title Tip – How to Establish Priority

Title tip - How to establish Priority This is a continuation of the title tip from last week.  We discussed the need to establish priority (get the mortgage recorded) before ANY labor or materials are delivered to the site.  In this Title Tip, we will discuss "How to...

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MBA Forecasts Mortgage Volume to Increase 7 Percent in 2015

The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) expects to see $1.19 trillion in mortgage originations during 2015, a 7 percent increase from 2014.  While MBA anticipates purchase originations will increase 15 percent, it expects refinance originations to decrease 3 percent....

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MN Assoc. of Realtors Newsletter Online

Just stumbled across the Minneosta Association of Realtors newsletter issues online. This is a great publication that has a lot of interesting reads. Current and past issues are located at...

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Legal Deeded Access – Title Tip

Title Tip - Plat Drawing For those who have been around real estate for a while, the term “plat drawing” is a common one for us to use.  However, for a customer who is selling or re-financing a piece of property it might not be so familiar.  We encountered a refinance...

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